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Study permit application guide | international student services

These forms must be completed at the Office of the Chief Inspector of Foreigners or the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (FADE). In the field titled “Reason for Application” type “I want to study in Canada” in the list field and select “Study outside of Canada”. The completed MM 1294 must be given to the officer for the processing of your application. If the field titled “Reason for Application” doesn't include such a request, leave it blank and proceed with Step 4, below. You can go on to step 7 if you have already completed the required documents to file your application: Step 5: Check the MM 1294 form to verify that you meet the requirements to study in Canada. Step 6: Submit the MM 1294 form with your application to the officer for the processing of your application. Step 7: If an officer has granted a study permit, your.

How to apply for a canadian study permit | canadim

Submit your application If you meet all eligibility criteria, the permit is reviewed by the National Immigration Branch (NIB). If you are approved, you will receive your permit and a letter from the NIB certifying that your application has been processed and that you're eligible. If your application is rejected . Receive your permit is mailed to you. Important Note: If you have been granted a study permit you may not be eligible for a work permit. You may continue to apply for a student visa, but may not apply for a work permit under the new scheme . What can you do after you get your permit? You may apply for a study or work permit at any time for any reason (student or work) (If you don't meet the requirements to study in Canada you can always apply for a student visa to travel to the). When you apply for a study or work.

Tutorial: how to apply for an initial study permit - student.ubc.ca

Download the application (PDF, 7 MB).  The application is available in both English and Chinese.  It is only available for Chinese residents within Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan as there is no provision for permanent residence in Singapore. Singapore's Study Permit System for Foreign Residents and Permanent Residents As stated earlier, Singapore has a unique process for foreign residents or permanent residents (as foreigners/permanent residents) to apply for a study permit for the purpose of study in Singapore. You will need to submit an application and have your biometric information and medical exam before your work permit can be issued. You may wish to apply online to speed up the process. Before you apply there are a few points to be considered before you do so. The following are important to be kept in mind: (1)     You should read the list of points carefully before you start your application. You should also find out the types of.

How to get a student visa for canada in masters portal

If you are from the UK then you can apply for a student visa on the website of Student UK. It is usually faster to apply during the first week of October. 3. Start your application for the New Zealand student visa. Please, click the links below to apply online: New Zealand student visa for international students New Zealand student visa for British students New Zealand student visa for US citizens 3. Apply for the student visa to remain in the UK. 4. Apply for your residence permit (Permanent Residence (PR)). It is not necessary to wait for a decision to be issued before applying for your residence permit (Permanent Residence (PR)). 5. Apply to stay permanently in the UK. You can be granted permission to live permanently in the UK if it has been proved that your circumstances have changed as a result of your studies. 6. Once.

Apply for a study permit

PDF version of the university profile (this version will be available to all participants, both on your personal profile and the .pdf version for everyone on the application) Your personal information to be sent with your application  (e.g. e-mail address, phone number), your academic history (degree, academic record if any), and if applicable, academic transcripts and/or information about your current school, course(s), or other studies.   To learn more about what is and isn't acceptable, visit the UBC Application Guide  & the Canadian Student Application Guide. For more Information, email: or visit  Counselling at  University of British Columbia .