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Can electronic bank statements from internet banking be used for a?

At one point I sat in the Immigration Policy Forum for Canada, and later consulted / contracted to an immigration law firm and worked on E-LMO and LMO visas ( expedited entry for work and regular work permits). The answer you seek could change in a minute at any time. You have a couple and/ or options - 1) Monitor Canadian Immigration website. 2) Contact the Registrar of the university or college you want to attend and get an opinion. I wouldnt trust their info entirely - they may mean well and be busy. But you may think up other questions you want to ask after having a conversation. 3) Contact an Immigration lawyer. Ask. They must monitor what they need. If you need a referral, ask. I can give you the name of the firm and law firm owner I contracted with in Greater Vancouver BC. He can help with processing for other provinces but work is done in BC office so he might refer you if you are going outside BC. In general, if you have a US bank, you have a better likelihood than oversees - Im guessing. Some US Banks only exist online. Good luck.

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