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How can someone respond in a new application after his?

I made my first application to student permit and was denied, the reason, lack of ties in my country. The question here is, how do you show to migration agent your ties in your home country? First of all, you can create - request to any Travel Agency a booking reservation of flight itinerary from your home country to Canada in roundtrip, probably is very difficutl to have a rountrip reservation if you want to return 2 years later, but it is possible to get in any arline. But, the booking reservation is not the most important thing here, this is like a preformatted emails that send to you when they find several reason to denied the permit. The most important thing is show your ties. When I submitted the second application, I included as supported documents a few extra than I did not include in the first time, a lot of people makes the same mistake thinking that requirements shown on website are a check list but actually they are just a guide. I included a law documents where states I have a house to my own and another mortgage loan for other house, also included a car bill of sale o document that proof that I am owner of a car. Also included a itinerary. Four days later received a response requesting the medical exams. Remember, theorically as student permit you will return once the studies are completed, you must show that you will be returning, even if you decision will be remain in the country and persuit the PR.

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