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How do I apply for a Canadian student visa?

Here is the process: Think about the subjects you want to study. According to your budget, your age, past education, work experience and a couple of other factors decide upon the duration of course. Afterwards look for the colleges who offer such courses. Apply in three to four colleges. Go through any consultancy, they will do it free for you. IELTS is the minimum requirement for all colleges. Know the band you need to score in IELTS to get into those selected colleges. Apply for IELTS and practice for two to three months. You can apply in colleges without the score but you need to show your IELTS exam dates and details. Wait for the IELTS score and revert from the colleges. With the offer letter from the college, you will also receive the registration amount you need to pay to book a seat in the college. Wire that amount to college in the bank provided by them. Everything will be written in the offer letter. Also apply for the GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificates). Thats nothing but an account in Canadian Bank. Scotia Bank. Apply for the account through online. Your consultant will guide you. It will take one month in opening of account, you will have to transfer 10,000 Canadian dollars to show your living expenses. Take a medical check up appointment in the hospitals which are approved by the Canadian Embassy. Your consultant will guide you obviously. There must be a counter for Canadian visa applicants. Be careful with the questions asked by the doctors. Collect money to pay the semester fee to the college and dont book the tickets to Canada. because your Visa may be denied by the Embassy. So now you are ready for Visa filling. Fill the Visa application form and put all the papers such as health check up, GIC proof, tuition fee payment receipt, offer letter, id proofs, academics, passport, etc, etc. There will be fee you need to pay at the counter. Get the proper photographs according to Canadian Embassys requirements. Wait for two or three weeks. They will message you that the decision has been taken for your Visa application. Reach the embassy, they will give you a brown sealed folder. I think you will be fine then.

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