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How long did it take for you to get a Canadian study permit visa?

It solely depends on the application category you apply for. Broadly speaking, there are two major categories presently. 1) General 2) SDS. Let me tell you a little about each : If you apply in general category then the current processing time is 7 weeks. Mind you the embassy is actually taking this long and I know some people who are still waiting for their decision even after 7 weeks. Though each case is different and the chance of you not getting your decision in 7 weeks is pretty less. Just make sure you prepare a well organised file along with all the supporting docs and you will be good to go. SDS category is more like fast forward category. The only major condition to apply in it is that you are supposed to pay the entire year fee before hand ( three terms). They have come up with this category on June 8th,2018. The site states that the processing time for this application is 45 days but you will get a decision well before time when under this category. This is a broad categorisation with timelines. Hope it helps! :) Edit1: the aforementioned detail is for India.

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